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You think that facebook live is only for big companies ? That only big fanpage’s can afford such cool things like creating poll’s, live comments, counting votes by hashtags or receiving donations so common on YouTube among streamers? You couldn't be more wrong! We will prove it to you!

That tool is a perfect solution for any kind of bussines. Not only for large fanpages managed by international agencies but also for local companies and vloggers.

What is important for users in our tool?

  • Voting with facebook reactions (like, love etc.),
  • Voting with comments and hashtags,
  • Administration panel that allows moderation of comments that appear on the broadcast,
  • A system for automatic comments moderation,
  • Automatic responses to comments,
  • Spherical and 360 ° video support,
  • Directing broadcast to audience based on geolocation, age, gender and interests.
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Let users express their opinion

Your live broadcast should entertain, engage and encourage facebook users to comment and share your content with others. How to achieve it? It’s very simple! Give your viewers the option of posting their comments directly on the broadcast. Each comment is an additional free reach for your broadcast.

  • Take advantage of holidays and organize an action that allows you to make wishes or greetings, for example on the occasion of Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day.
  • Conduct interviews, podcasts and even "Q&A" sessions by answering questions that appear directly on the broadcast.
  • Most of mobile users are watching video without sound. They turn the sound on only when the material is interesting for them. Seeing the comments on the broadcast, users are more likely to join your live stream and this effectively increases the broadcast reach.
  • What about hateful comments? Don’t worry! A well-prepared panel for moderating the displayed comments takes care of the good name of your company or client. You can easily set rules to hide or delete unwanted comments.
  • This tool allows you to create automatic responses to comments. Thanks to this, you can, for example, automatically thank everyone who comments on your broadcast. The answer may contain a link to the website.
  • Is it worth it? Of course! Displaying comments on the broadcast increases the average watch time by up to 800% and increases the transmission reach by nearly 300%.
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Each promotion requires a product and each product deserves good promotion. Use social media to increase the reach of your broadcast and the visibility of the fanpage you manage. It's easy! You set up the auto-sharing system in selected channels, so that for a few days, hours, minutes before the start the system will publish entries with a link to scheduled LIVE. All you need to do is prepare the content of the promotion and FastTony.es will watch the time of sharing for you.

Supported platforms:

  • Facebook ™ pages
  • Facebook ™ private profile
  • Twitter ™ Tweet

Get the most out of auto-sharing. Also plan shares during broadcast, for example in 5, 10 and 15 minute. Each viewer increases the reach and number of fans of your fanpage.

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Every fanpage administrator dreams of building a large, committed community around the represented brand or idea. However, continuous changes of algorithms on Facebook only serve one thing: reducing organic reach. However, we have several ways to achieve this goal! The best way is to ask questions, create votings and polls on the fanpage.

Available voting support solutions:

  • Create a voting using comments and use automatic counting to show the voting results live,
  • Do you run a competition? Did you asked a question? Use the counting of correct and incorrect answers.
  • Nothing connects customers as much as the ability to influence the company's life. Do a LIVE questionnaire with a question about changing the menu, offer or ask for which product you should make an extra promotion.
  • FastTony allows you to combine all votings on one template so that the administrator can freely mix all votings with each other.
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Are you a vlogger? Or maybe a YouTube streamer? Did you build your community there? Time to build it on Facebook. Yes This is the last moments before Facebook implements video commercialization. Be ahead of the others and be the first to build a large community on FB. Right now you do not need any intermediary platform to receive microdotations from your fans.

  • We are the best service on the market, we do not charge any fees or commissions for transactions. The money goes directly to your PayPal account!
  • You have two widgets available, each fully configurable, color, size, location.
  • Instant Donation - allows you to view the donations that have just been received from the donors.
  • Top Donation - shows the donor who contribute the largest payment.
  • Information about the most beneficial donor is displayed on the screen
  • Each contributor has the option of setting an individual message that will appear on the transmission along with the confirmation of payment.
  • Integration with e-commerce websites in preparation. You will be able to sell books, access to premium materials, T-shirts and more, directly from Facebook Live.
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Thanks to this solution, you can easily build a database of your customers’ e-mails, but that's not all! You will not only get their e-mail addresses, but you will also be able to send PDF messages, video materials or links to the website in an automatic way.

How is it working? It’s easy. The whole process takes only three minutes.

  • You choose scheduled live and start integration with a single button.
  • You set the keyword to which the BOT responds, for example: “ If you want to get the 1st chapter of my biography write in the comment "YES"”.
  • You set a message that the person who entered the word "YES" will receive from BOT in a private message. It is worth to include here the information, that if the user provides an email, he agrees to receive marketing messages.
  • You decide whether to enable the double-opt in rule.
  • You are integrating with your email system.
  • You set a message which person will get when the system sends an e-mail to your e-mail system.
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The largest companies use our solutions

Our priority is Customer satisfaction. It is for you that we are constantly developing FastTony.es and we are happy with every one of over 23,000 users who have trusted us. Meet companies that already use the Facebook Live API with FastTony.es


Simple and clear rules. Take advantage of all the features in one package. billing period depends from you

The above prices express the value of the monthly net subscription with an annual subscription.
The seven-day test period is free of charge, after the end of the subscription will be automatically activated.


You still have doubts whether FastTony Live is perfect for you?

  • Is this accepted by Facebook?

    If you want to use live Facebook live it is a good idea to get acquainted with the best practice guidelines here and how to use emoticons here.

    We are proud that our application for the day 10.06.2017 is already used by more than 23,000 people from 130 countries of the world.

  • Are there any restrictions on the amount of LIVE that I can do?

    There are no limits on the number of broadcasts generated over those that follow the rules and regulations on Facebook.

  • Is it possible to buy package only for 1 month?

    All our packages are a one year subscription with a possibility to pay every 3 and 6 months. We do not offer one-month packages.

  • Can I go from the LIVE package to the Full Package?

    Congratulations on your decision! The LIVE package is limited in its capabilities, switching to complementary packages from FastTony the perfect solution for those who treat their presence on Facebook commercially. FastTony.es Start, Premium, Ultimate is not only engaging posts, but also automatically moderates integration with CRM and other systems. Remember, you can easily upgrade your account and move on to the next package. The whole process is just a few clicks or one email to FastTony.es. Package price list FastTony.es here.

  • Do you have customer support department?

    We have an extensive support system for our clients. You can include:
    Materials on the YouTube channel
    Weekly webinar training
    24/h Chat on the site

  • How many pages can I connect to my account?

    With one account, you can broadcast on two fanpages, your profile and unlimited number of groups. If you need more report to our team we will prepare a special offer for you.

  • Do you offer a test package?

    Yes of course. You can test FastTony.es Live for seven days.

  • Where can I find the Terms of service and Privacy policy?

    Terms of service are available here.
    Privacy policy you can find here.